A Story From The Stands – What Have Former Nebraska Football Players Learned From The Game – Rohrig

THE Precious GIFT

“That was the most incredibly impeccably framed wall I had at any point seen,” said Herman Rohrig regarding the wall that shaped on the dropkick return that crushed Nebraska’s spirit and heart in the 1941 Rose Bowl game. “We generally drop-kicked for the sidelines yet Stanford set up it flawlessly and ran it back. Before that, we had them on the run.”

“We regretted the misfortune ufa bet Mentor Biff Jones told us not to get down. We played a decent game.” That is one of the illustrations Rohrig gained from the game. “Life is like football. At times you lose and football shows you winning and losing.” He has effectively utilized those illustrations.

Nebraska’s star secondary school back nearly went to Colorado State. He and a Lincoln High pal were nearly pressed when Rohrig got a call from Cy Sherman; the Lincoln Star sports proofreader. Rohrig’s dad was the janitor at the Star. “Sherman told me on the off chance that I went to Colorado State rather than Nebraska, he would fire my father.” Nebraska won the enrolling fight.

At 6’4″ and 217 pounds, Rohrig was a major back for his day however Mentor Jones wasn’t dazzled.

“He called me fireplug,” Rohrig said. “He made me run the arena moves toward get in shape. I believed that was somewhat brutal however he let me know I could make it happen and I did.” Commemoration Arena actually had the new arena smell having recently been finished a couple of years prior.

One of Rohrig’s best recollections of those days was the dropkick return he ran back against Missouri.

“Someone was running right alongside me all of the way to the end-zone. The energetic fan was Mickey Rooney. “Incredible run he hollered at me when we got to the end-zone.”

It wasn’t long until Nebraska had one more date with fame. “The train excursion to Pasadena took a little diversion,” Rohrig reviewed. “Right from the start, we went to Texas and into Mexico. They needed to allow us to see Mexico. The following day we were in Phoenix and afterward we spent a week or so in California before the game.”

Despite the fact that it was charged as a review trip, the group got to spend time with some celebrities including previous Beatrice inhabitant turned large famous actor, Bounce Taylor. “I got my image taken with him and Ann Rutherford. I was telling them the best way to toss the ball.”

The players and mentors didn’t watch a ton of Stanford film to prepare for the game. “Hell, we just arranged and played. Nebraska played the single wing development however Stanford put in another development called the T arrangement. Mentor Lyman knew a smidgen about the T from his Green Straight Packer days.”

“Our developments were straightforward. I was the running back so I got the snap, similar to a quarterback today. At the point when we arranged left, we went left. Every so often we utilized an opposite yet that was about it.”

The vast majority of the players in Nebraska’s previously Rose Bowl group had a long history together. “Except for one person from Kansas, we were all from Lincoln High.”

There would be more extraordinary runs in Rohrig’s future. He proceeded to play for the Chicago Top pick group, a choice of the best school players who played the best NFL group. Rohrig likewise played eleven years with the Green Inlet Packers.

Rohrig became boss of Huge 10 authorities. “I was 6′ 4″ preceding I began that work and toward the finish of 16 years, they beat me down to 5′ 9”.

Rohrig has remained amazingly sound as long as he can remember with the exception of breaking his nose multiple times and investing loads of energy with the dental specialist. “Keep in mind, we didn’t have facial coverings in those days. I haven’t had any joint substitutions,” he said, “yet a portion of my companions figured I ought to investigate a head substitution once.”

“I beyond a doubt love football,” Rohrig said. “Those folks don’t understand it yet however they’ll continuously recollect the illustrations of football and this game.”

Herman Rohrig positively has. It’s provided him with the invaluable endowment that could only be described as epic.

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