“10 Creative Fundraising Basket Raffle Ideas to Boost Your Nonprofit’s Revenue”

Raising funds for your organization is likely the main reason you want to hold a raffle. If you are looking for raffle ideas that can raise a lot of money, here are a few raffle ideas that can be held at your next event or as a separate campaign.

1.            Single Raffle

 2.           50/50 Raffle

3.            Heads or Tails

4.            Reverse Raffle

 5.           Online Raffle

 6.           Facebook Raffle

 7.           Peer-to-Peer Raffle

8.            Door Prizes

9.            Golden Tickets

10.          Guess the Amount

Raising funds for your organization is fundraising basket raffle ideas the main reason you want to fundraising basket raffle ideas a raffle. If you are looking for raffle ideas that can raise a lot of money, here are a few raffle ideas that can be held at your next event or as a separate campaign.

1. Single Raffle

Your nonprofit can request and receive a quality product, service, or any other  gift by connecting with fundraising basket raffle ideas companies. This way, you are continuing to build  that can benefit both organizations in the long run.

When you do receive a gift, do not wait for your next event. If it is a high-value donation, you can create a single raffle to raise funds right now! Create a campaign to  to a raffle event. Sell tickets for $25 or $50 for a product or service with a few hundred dollars retail value. The amount of money for a raffle ticket can be changed to fit the prize. Ensure that your raffle has a start and end time to excite and encourage donors to purchase tickets quickly. At the end of your campaign, announce the winner on your website, by email, fundraising basket raffle ideas with social media posts.

Pro tip: Do not forget to collect the names, emails, and addresses of those who bought a raffle ticket. Take the time to introduce your organization to these individuals after the raffle. You now have an excellent opportunity to learn more about these people and connect with them to develop them into long-term donors.

Here’s a great  of the above type of raffle. The tickets are sold online before the actual event with details of the vase on display.

If you want to wait until your next event to hold a raffle, a  has the potential to raise a lot of money. You will have the best results from your 50/50 raffle if your event is large and attendees will be staying until the end. There is no product or service to encourage people before the event, so the event itself will need to pull in a larger audience.

Once your event attendees arrive, ask them to buy a ticket or more for $10 each. Tickets will have two sides with matching numbers, so all players must keep their tickets until the end to claim the prize. The more money raised during the raffle, the larger the potential gift for the raffle winner and the nonprofit.

Many people already know about this type of raffle, but you may have to explain the raffle to event attendees. You will want  selling tickets to this raffle throughout the event to earn the most you can. At the end of the event, you can have the event attendee call out the winning number. It is important to thank your audience and let them know how much they raised for the organization, as well as won for themselves.

is a nonprofit helping abused and neglected children in Kankakee and Iroquois counties. They created the below 50/50 raffle during to raise funds for these kids. You should check this simple form out for some inspiration. Also, we love how they have concisely described the event’s purpose along with a catchy image.

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